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Working Extinguishers | 3 Ways To Ensure Your Fire Extinguisher Equips You With Optimum Value

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Having fire extinguishers in your home is not only important to put out growing fires, but also to ensure the safety of every person in your family. But many homeowners make the mistake of installing and forgetting this piece of fire equipment. Failure to maintain your fire extinguisher or placing it in a hard-to-find will prevent it from operating when you most need it. This guide shows you ways to ensure that your fire extinguishers equip you with optimum value in your home.

Get It Serviced Regularly By A Qualified Professional

Every fire extinguisher manufacturer will have certain recommendations for getting the device serviced. Follow these recommendations and get a professional fire extinguisher services company to look at your fire-fighting device. The fire extinguisher company will check everything from pressure and seals to ensure that everything is at the suggested level. The company will also diagnose and repair issues like chemical deposits, dents and other signs of wear on your fire extinguishers. Always ensure that you choose qualified professionals for optimum and safe performance of your fire equipment at home.

Place The Fire Extinguisher In A Visible Spot In Your home

Many homeowners make the mistake of hiding their fire extinguishers from plain sight because of their unsightly appearance. While they may be eyesores, would you take a chance on your safety? Probably not! When fire extinguishers are visibly installed in an open area and not hidden behind doors or wardrobes, every person –– including your guests and family –– can easily find the device when a fire emergency arises. Kitchens are the most common areas where home fires can start, so you'll probably want to ensure that a fire extinguisher is within reachable distance. You can even have fire extinguishers on every floor in your home, so that you can put out any small fire without having to run up and down staircases.

Choose A Suitable Fire Extinguisher For Each Location In Your Home  

Fire extinguishers are divided into six classes for categorising different fuels. This helps you choose a suitable fire extinguisher for different locations in your home. For instance, Class A fires start from carbonaceous solids like wood, grass, paper and rubber. This is one of the most common fire types, so you'll probably want type of fire extinguisher in your home. Class B fire involve flammable liquids like kerosene, petrol and paint, which are common items found in garages. In this area, you may want to consider installing a Class B fire extinguisher. Class F fires stem from cooking oils and fats, so you'll want this type of fire extinguisher installed in your kitchen.