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Why You Need a Split System Air Conditioner for Your Home

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Air conditioning systems are excellent appliances to have in your home for controlling indoor temperature levels and helping keep your home more comfortable. Whenever you are thinking of installing an air conditioning system in your home, you will have to make a decision between a standard unit and a split system. Unlike the standard units, split systems usually come with a single outdoor unit and one or even more indoor units depending on the number of rooms you intend to condition. However, split systems tend to be more superior in a number of ways. Here is why you should consider these systems for your home.

Flexibility for Zoning

This means you can cool or even heat individual rooms. This is oftentimes referred to as zoning. The ability to control heating and cooling is enabled by the fact that each of the indoor units or air handlers has its own thermostat, which can even be remote controlled in some models. Zoning is not only convenient, but also extremely cost effective. This is because unlike standard air conditioning systems that lack the zoning ability, you only have to condition a given room or space when it is needed. This saves energy because any uncopied rooms don't have to be conditioned.

Enhanced Operation

Operating split system air conditioners is more flexible because they usually have multiple operating modes. Many air conditioning systems offer standard conditioning, but split systems have other abilities besides cooling and heating. For instance, most split system air conditioners come with a humidity control feature. This means if you live in an area with high levels of moisture that create an uncomfortable environment in your home, your split system air conditioner can help dehumidify the place, which is a plus. Fan speed control, remote control, odour removing functions, air purifiers, and even timers are some of the other features that split system air conditioners may be fitted with to improve their operation. For instance, an indoor air handler of a split system that is installed in your ceiling may prove hard to reach when you need to perform functions such as adjust the thermostat. With a remote control, this would be much easier.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is not only achieved by the zoning ability of split systems. These systems are usually ductless. Ductwork is subject to many issues that can decrease energy efficiency. For instance, heat that is needed in your home can easily be lost through the ducts. In addition, disconnections, cracks, and leaks can also make your unit less efficient. Faulty issues usually mean your air conditioner would have to work harder than normal and this would translate to higher energy bills.