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A Leaky AC Makes Termites Happy: Why a Leaky Air Conditioner Unit Could Attract Termites

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No matter where you live in Australia, the summertime weather is often so hot that going without your air conditioner is unthinkable. This is especially true if you live in the sub-tropical region of Brisbane where the humidity leaves you feeling like a wet flannel. If 2016 was anything to go by, with the world temperature being the hottest it's ever been, then 2017 could well end up being another scorcher.

However, before you begin to rely heavily on your air conditioner you should first check to make sure that it is in good working order. Leaking air conditioner units can create the ideal environment for termites, especially when those units are close to the foundations of your home.

A Leaking Air Conditioner Unit Creates Moisture

If your air conditioner itself leaks into your home, this should not be a problem. What could become a problem, however, is a leaking air conditioner unit up against the foundation of your home. Termites favour a humidity of around 98 percent, need a constant supply of water as well as food to survive, and select nesting areas that are safe from the harsh glare of the sun. A leaking air conditioner unit in the vicinity of your home's foundation provides all of that—and more.

Your Home is at Risk of Attack in Two Ways

Once termites sense the presence of rotting wood or water, like heat-seeking missiles, they lock on and make their way towards their target. If you fail to repair your leaky air conditioner in time, you could attract the attention of a nearby termite colony. This could happen either because termites foraging for another food source detect the presence of moisture and wood near the foundation of your home, or because flying termites choose to build a new nest there.

Flying termites tend to leave their nest in the early days of spring. You need to be ready long before that happens.

Check Your Unit before Summer Arrives

Before the hotter days of summer arrive, check to see if your air conditioner unit leaks, especially if it is close to the foundations of your home. There are several causes of a leaky air conditioner unit. In some cases, the drain line was incorrectly installed, causing the pipe to disconnect from your air conditioner unit. Clogged drains and dirty air filters also lead to leakage.

If you discover that your air conditioner unit is leaking, fix the problem as soon as possible or reach out to a professional who focuses on air conditioning repairs. That way you can enjoy the summer months without worrying about termites infiltrating your home via its foundations.