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2 Appliances That Are Vital To Hire For Your Self-Catered Outdoor Wedding

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There's an increasingly popular trend in Australia for weddings that are more DIY and less taxing on the wallet. Instead of hiring expensive venues, paying a small fortune for catering and feeling stressed out and anxious over spiralling costs, many couples choose to find a more low-key venue and do the catering themselves.

Backyards, public parks and beachside locations are all popular choices for low-cost venues. Gourmet BBQs with platters of different meats, salads, bread and nibbles are all popular choices for an informal, delicious and easy to organise menu for this type of wedding. If you're planning a low-key wedding like this, then there are two vital appliances you'll need to hire for your big day.

1. A cold room

A cold room is essentially a large, walk-in refrigerator. They're most commonly used in restaurant and catering settings where there is a large volume of produce to be kept chilled. You can also hire small, portable cold rooms which can be delivered to your wedding location.

Keeping your wedding food chilled is important for food safety, particularly for meat, seafood and dairy items. A cold room will keep your food stored hygienically until it's needed, even if your wedding is during the hot summer months.

As an added bonus, a cold room will also provide plenty of room for keeping your beverages cold. Your champagne, beers and wine will all be refreshingly cold without the need for numerous plastic cool boxes which can detract from the elegant setting of your wedding.

2. An industrial size BBQ

While your BBQ at home may be large enough to cook up a feast for a large group of friends, catering for a large number of wedding guests is beyond even the largest home BBQ's capabilities. The solution is to hire an industrial size BBQ which will provide plenty of cooking space for cooking large quantities of meat.

This type of BBQ can be delivered to your chosen location and set up professionally by the hire company. They'll also provide you with enough fuel to ensure that you don't run out of gas or charcoal halfway through cooking.

Hiring these two appliances for your low-key outdoor wedding will make the self-catering process run smoothly and efficiently on the big day. The hire costs will easily be offset by the huge savings you'll make in comparison to paying for a professional catering service to provide your wedding menu.