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4 Factors That Affect Your Coffee's Quality

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Are you wondering why the coffee that you brew keeps tasting different each time? Below are some of the factors that can affect the quality of the coffee that you brew. Use this information to check the settings of your coffee machine and tweak your brewing process so that the finished product suits your requirements.

The Grind

The extent to which the coffee beans have been ground affects the strength of the coffee that you will extract through the beans. Extensive grinding results in strong coffee because the surface area of the coffee will have been increased. Consequently, the hot water will be able to extract most of the ingredients in that coffee. You should, therefore, adjust the extent to which you grind the coffee to see changes in the strength of the resultant coffee that you extract.

Coffee Dose

The amount of coffee that you use can also impact the finished product after the brewing process. That is the primary reason why many coffee making machines come with different sizes of filter baskets. Experiment with the different baskets that came with your machine so that you can select the amount of coffee that gives you the kind of coffee that you wish to take. You can also try to measure out specific amounts of coffee so that you can have consistency in the strength of your brews.

Water Temperature

The temperature of the water can also have a profound effect on the resultant coffee. Hot water accelerates the rate at which the coffee reacts with the water. Consequently, increasing or decreasing the set temperature of the water during the brewing process will alter the outcome. Once again, try brewing coffee at different temperature settings and select what will suit your taste.

The Extraction Time

The water's speed as it passes through the coffee powder can affect the quality of the coffee that you extract. Slow down the extraction time so that the hot water can have a chance to get more of the nutrients within the coffee powder. Alternatively, speed up the process if you prefer coffee that is not very strong.

As such, the coffee that you have been taking is the result of multiple factors that combine during the brewing process. You should consider changing the different parameters of the brewing process as described above if you want different results. Refer to the user manual of your coffee machine for the specific steps that you can take to adjust these parameters.