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Three Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Attention

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A washing machine is one of those things that everyone takes for granted. You put your clothes in, add the soap, and later you have clean clothes. But what happens when you do not get the result you expected? If you are a student that has never dealt with washing machine issues before, here are three signs that you need to have your washing machine looked at by a professional.

Water on the Floor

Large amounts of water on the floor are going to trigger alarm bells, but when was the last time you checked behind the machine for evidence of little puddles of water? Little puddles often go undetected for some time, and the problem with this is that the moisture soaks into the flooring and rots it. Small amounts of water are coming from the hoses which bring water into the machine and then carry it back out. It may be that the hoses are not tightened onto the faucet enough, or it could be there is a split in the hose. If the latter is the problem, then the hose needs replacement.

Bad Odours

Do you leave the washing machine lid open after use to allow it to air out? Do you ever run an empty cycle with a cleaning agent to remove the bacteria build up in the machine? If you notice a bad odour or mildew stains on your clothes as they come out of the machine, then you have bacterial growth building up behind the machine drum. This is being washed into your clothes during the wash cycle. A professional appliance repair is needed to remove the drum and flush out the gross buildup before you use the machine again.

Noisy Wash Cycle

Washing machines are not supposed to be noisy. So if your machine is making a racket while running through its cycle, then it needs to be looked at. One reason why it is noisy is that the pulley that moves the interior drum during the rinse cycle is failing. It could also be that the bearing has worn away and the metal is now clanking on metal instead of smoothly gliding. Noisy washing machines need to be diagnosed and repaired professionally.

Now that you know what to look out for when it comes to washing machine operations, you can call for help as soon as you see a problem arise. The faster appliances are fixed, the less chance there is of permanent damage being done. Locate appliance professionals near you to learn more today to determine whether you need appliance repairs.